Bangladeshi Painter

hire bangladeshi painter

Interior Painting – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Exterior Painting – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Commercial Painting – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Students can stay in our dormitory. Food and accommodation will add additional cost

Do you want to colorize your vision? The Labor Force has a pool of skilled Bangladeshi painters who offer a stunning array of daring colors to intricate designs on your worn walls and specialize in interior, exterior, commercial, wood and furniture, damp repairs, and enamel paint.

Our Testing Lab is adequately prepared to undertake a comprehensive application screening process. Whether you prefer hand painting or spay, our team is armed with the best craftsman. Recruiters can conduct a productive interview with the assist of our highly certified instructor, who is skilled and experienced in a variety of painting techniques. Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (especially Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf nations have received large numbers of painters from Bangladesh. We have always complied with the law and order of International Labor Organization (ILO) standards regarding recruitment processes abroad and on-site.

We also provide training on painting to unskilled and semi-skilled candidates. Students who are interested to be professional painters can Enroll Now in our training program and work in Bangladesh or overseas.

Also, if you are a certified painter with experience from various training institutions, you are encouraged to apply for our current and forthcoming abroad employment openings.

Bangladeshi, Malaysian, Gulf recruiters can immediately schedule interviews, select, and hire Bangladeshi painters through this Share Requirement Details site.

Are you a candidate for a painter? You are requested to submit a resume on Apply Now. A person from the Human Resource department will contact you. 

Bangladeshi companies can also train their semi skilled painter under our training curriculum. For quick contact, we are available on WhatsApp.