Bangladeshi Plantation Worker

We’re all aware of the advantages of planting trees. What if this responsibility is delegated to specialists who would plant trees according to soil type and density to produce a breathing environment? The Labor Force offers a massive number of expert and knowledgeable Bangladeshi plantation service providers at your doorstep. Our crews understand how to improve the appearance of a landscape.

Through the applicant screening procedures, recruiters from Bangladesh and overseas can take effective interviews of the plantation service providers with the assistance of highly-skilled, experienced, and certified instructors. With this proceeding, we have become able to ship a lot of plantation service providers to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (mostly Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf nations for their expertise following the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The following are some of our professionals’ abilities:

  • Planting or transplanting in the proper location
  • Ensuring the proper soil composition and saturation
  • Determining the ideal time of year for the climate
  • Transporting and planting without causing root damage
  • Choosing the planting site
  • Identifying the optimum soil type
  • Expertise in suitable planting equipment and procedures

With an optimistic probability, we do teach our applicants so that they can become experts from unskilled and semi-skilled plantation service providers. Students from Bangladesh who are interested to be a plantation worker can Enroll Now in our training program and work in Bangladesh or abroad.

Recruiters/Employers requested to Share Requirement Details for  an effective interview and selection process. A relationship manager will contact with you shortly.

If you are a certified plantation worker with experienced, you are requested to submit updated resume and Apply Now for our current and forthcoming abroad employment openings. A person from human resource department will contact with you shortly.

Bangladeshi companies can also train their unskilled and/or semi skilled plantation workers under our training program. For Quick contact for international, local recruitment or training programs, please contact us through WhatsApp.

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Interested Students wishes to enroll in following courses of plantation are requested to Enroll Now

Basic Plantation – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Intermediate Plantation – $299
Duration: 8 weeks

Students can stay in our dormitory. Food and accommodation will added as valued added cost.