Bangladeshi Scaffolding Workers

Working at height is necessitated for the majority of the structure, restoration, and form tasks. However, uninterrupted monitoring and adhesion to safety are needed when working on scaffolds. The Labor Force has an enormous number of Bangladeshi scaffolders who are suitable to give access and shoring design, guaranteeing that each scaffold complies with significant safety and installation ethos.

Recruiters from Bangladesh and beyond can conduct interviews of the scaffolders from The Labor Force. With the help of extensively- skillful, certified, and endured preceptors recruiters can elect and hire scaffolders through the candidate screening operation. They’re in command of scaffold system design, installation, examination, and maintenance. With this action, we’ve become fit to ship a lot of scaffolders to Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates ( mostly Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf nations for their experience and wisdom following the norms of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Skills our expert scaffolders do have are as follows:
  • System scaffolding
  • Structural shoring
  • Construction site containment
  • Elevator and hoist
  • Mast climbing scaffolding
  • Construction trash chutes

For creating a professional scaffolder, we do offer training for unskilled and semi-skilled candidates. Want to grab this opportunity? Students from Bangladesh who are interested in becoming professional scaffolders can Enroll Now in our training program and work in Bangladesh or abroad.

Recruiters/Employers requested to Share Requirement Details forĀ  an effective interview and selection process. A relationship manager will contact with you shortly.

If you are a certified scaffolder with experienced, you are requested to submit updated resume and Apply Now for our current and forthcoming abroad employment openings. A person from human resource department will contact with you shortly.

Bangladeshi companies can also train their semi skilled scaffolder under our training program. For Quick contact for international, local recruitment or training programs, please contact us through WhatsApp.

hire bangladeshi scaffoder
Interested Students wishes to enroll in following courses of scaffolder are requested to Enroll Now

Basic Scaffolding – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Scaffolder – Intermediate – $299
Duration: 8 weeks

Students can stay in our dormitory. Food and accommodation will added as valued added cost.