Bangladeshi Welding Workers

Poor fittings and welding may cause premature failure and more repair. The Labor Force has a collection of qualified Bangladeshi welders experienced in fabrication, construction, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Our Testing Lab is fully equipped for complete screening process of candidates. Recruiters can take an effective interview with the help of our highly skilled instructor, skilled on different type of welding courses by certification and experience. We have exported many welders in Malaysia, the UAE (mostly Dubai), Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries.  We respect the norms and rules of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) while recruiting or exporting manpower from Bangladesh to source countries.

We also offer multiple training courses on welding and fabrication such as arc welders, adjustable wrenches, laser and water cutting, welding clamps, benders and breaks, chipping hammers, and so on. Interested students of Bangladesh can Enrol in our training program and be a professional welder to work in Bangladesh or join in abroad. Are you a trained welder and got certification from different training institution, you are requested to apply in our current and upcoming overseas job opening.

Recruiters/Employers requested to Share Requirement Details for  an effective interview and selection process. A relationship manager will contact with you shortly.

Job seekers of welder are requested to submit updated resume and Apply Now. A person from Human resource department will contact with you. 

Bangladeshi companies can also train their semi skilled welders under our training program. For Quick contact for international, local recruitment or training programs, please contact us through WhatsApp.

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Interested Students wishes to enroll in following courses of welder are requested to Enroll Now

MIG Welding – $199

Duration: 4 weeks

TIG Welding – $199
Duration: 4 weeks

Shielded Metal Arc Welding – $199

Duration: 4 weeks

Students can stay in our dormitory. Food and accommodation will added as valued added cost.