Job Description of Bangladeshi Migrant Office Boy

bangladeshi office boy

Proposed Template of Job Description on Bangladeshi Migrant Office Boys in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia

This Job description is proposed to foreign recruiters on Bangladeshi Migrant Office Boy. The idea is to share expectation in details with both employers are workers to avoid misunderstanding.

Management reserve right to include, update any  duties and responsibility on the proposed Job description on Bangladeshi migrant office boys

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Reports To:

The Bangladeshi migrant office boys will report to [SUPERVISOR NAME, DESIGNATION] defined by the company of foreign recruiters.

Job Overview:

As a Office Boys, [CANDIDATE NAME] will be in charge of all chores and obligations that are allocated to him. A pleasant working atmosphere will assist you in completing all of your activities under the supervision of your boss. You need to be physically healthy and psychologically strong to cope with the working environment in a short period of time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Keeping an eye on the usage of office’s equipment and supplies
  • Responding to visitors’ and employees’ questions or demands
  • Coordination of office equipment maintenance and repair
  • Assisting other administrative workers with a variety of office tasks
  • Collecting and distributing couriers or deliveries, as well as the processing and organizing emails
  • Assisting receptionists, secretaries, and other administrative assistants with their tasks
  • Cooperating with office employees to preserve good interaction and a comfortable working atmosphere
  • Make certain that the office environment is clean and hygiene


  • Preferred to have a high school diploma or equivalent degree
  • Having experience as an office boy or relevant field
  • Ability to write properly and assist with word processing as needed
  • A friendly personality with excellent communication aptitude
  • Ability to work successfully with little supervision
  • Have to be physically fit and mentally strong