Short-Courses for Bangladeshi Migrant Cleaners

The Cleaner Training Course will teach you how to leave surfaces dazzling, workplaces immaculate, and floors spotless. We do provide a fundamental introduction to cleaning as well as an in-depth examination of the cleaning business and cleaning services. This course covers the critical areas of cleaning floor, carpet maintenance and cleaning procedures, pest control, and chemical safety.

Throughout this course, you will learn about the duties of a cleaner as well as the many sorts of cleaning chores. The Labor Force offers 4 types of cleaning courses – basic cleaning, professional indoor cleaning, outdoor cleaning, office cleaning course. Let’s dive deep into the types.

Basic Cleaning

Cleaning the floor, desk, and exterior area of an office, keeping the tables nice and clean, storing required items in the kitchen, toilet cleaning, and other activities are included in this category. This fundamental understanding will aid in the subsequent levels of cleaning training to be able to accomplish exactly. 

Course Duration: 2 weeks  | Course Fee: $99

Indoor Cleaner

Indoor Cleaning

Indoor refers to two different sorts of situations: residential and commercial. For residential cleaning activities, a cleaner needs to clean the whole house like mopping, washing clothes, cleaning toilet, kitchen, helping in preparing foods, and much more. In commercial space, cleaners clean floors, carpets, tables, chairs, desks, toilets, and more.

Course Duration: 2 weeks  | Course Fee: $99

Outdoor Cleaner

Outdoor Cleaning

Outdoor cleaners are in charge of cleaning buildings, removing debris, and maintaining a clean and tidy environment. This can be whether outside of the residential or commercial zone. Pesticide should be used where needed.

Course Duration: 2 weeks  | Course Fee: $99

Office Cleaner

Office Cleaning

Cleaning office refers to cleaning workspace, common areas, hallways, bathrooms, sweeping and mopping floor, keeping the track of cleaning schedule, empty trash bins and other responsibilities.

Course Duration: 2 weeks  | Course Fee: $99

A certificate will be issued after the successful completion of course. After proper assessment, a performance certificate will be awarded. Candidates are welcome to stay in our dormitory. Food and lodging will be offered as a value-added expense.  Candidates who are interested to be professional cleaners can Enroll Now in our training program, you can make more money as a proud migrant worker of Bangladesh.

Having proficiency in a language courses in Hindi and English can increase your demand in the international market. We also provide a ‘self-assessment’ facility so that any candidate can examine their abilities before beginning training.